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Brighton Journal | 25th May 2020

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Human’s of Brighton – Joanna and Her Best Friend of 10 Years Have Matching Tattoos!

13th August 2017 |

Joanna Miles, only comes to visit Brighton for 3 or 4 days per month for work. The company is a DJ Agency based in the Lanes called Families. We spoke about how, at age 34, she lives in Berlin and … Read More

Girl Friends Day!

1st August 2017 |

The first of August is Girl Friends Day. Created by Mistress Susan in 2004 the day is to express gratitude to your friends who are girls. Sometimes we need a day to do this, as we can take advantage of … Read More

Humans Of Brighton – Meet Shanice, The Girl With The Pterodactyl Tattoo!

25th June 2017 |

Hi Shanice, where are you from? I am from Horsham, so just on the outskirts of Brighton, but I have a lot of family that live in the city. So, I am in Brighton all the time basically.

What do … Read More

‘I Eat, Live And Tattoo With Chopsticks!’ Meet Hand-Poke Tattoo Artist Sarah Lu!

23rd June 2017 |

Wearing black rubber gloves and holding an ink bathed needle attached to a chopstick in her right hand, Sarah bends over her client’s thigh to stitch the outlines of a deer-human hybrid with an impressive set of antlers. A few … Read More

Brighton Flash Tattoo Day This Weekend Will Raise Money For Refugees

30th March 2017 |

A bighearted Brighton tattoo parlour is holding a charity flash day this Saturday (1 April) to raise money for unaccompanied child refugees in France and the South of England.

11 artists at 1770 Tattoos in Little East Street will spend the … Read More

How This Brighton Tattoo Parlour Is Turning Scars Into Art

16th March 2017 |

If you have scars, no matter the cause, covering them with layers of clothes and shying away is common practice. But Brighton tattoo parlour Inka Tattoos is giving those with scars the chance to cover them with beautiful designs and … Read More

Humans Of Brighton! Meet The Marvellous Maya & Manou

8th January 2017 | 1

Maya (right), 19 and Manou (left), 21 were perusing through the boutiques in the North Laine when I stopped them for their colourful exterior appearance! I was very pleased to find out not too far in to the discussion that … Read More