Girl Friends Day!

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The first of August is Girl Friends Day. Created by Mistress Susan in 2004 the day is to express gratitude to your friends who are girls. Sometimes we need a day to do this, as we can take advantage of our friends and expect them to always be there for us. Heres some idea’s to tell your friend you love them:

Send them a message!

Guiltily we may only ever message our friends when we need them or they need us. Which is what friends are for, but maybe today take some time to send them a text reminding them how valuable they are to you.

Go on a girls night out! 

Sometimes significant others get in the way of your much needed girl time. Is your partner always tagging along when you girls decide to hang out? Time to ditch them for the evening and remember why you guys have so much fun alone.

Keep doing your job! 

Believe in them and support their hopes and dreams, you want them to do well and they want you to do well also. Keep being the awesome friend you are, and they will appreciate that.

Get matching tattoos! 

Okay, maybe thats a bit much or maybe it isn’t, but do something together like getting your nails done or both buying a piece of jewellery. Sort of like friendship bracelets you used to wear as kids.


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Link them to a song you guys love, or something that reminds you of them. Post a picture of you guys hanging out. It will mean a lot to be reminded of the amazing times you guys had and the amazing times to come.


If all of the above fails, bake them something or bring them their favourite treats. You’d be so happy with this kind of surprise wouldn’t you?

Just remember if you’d appreciate something be sure they will too no matter how silly and small. Ok now go and show your friends some love and happy first of August!


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