Shocking Mental Health Statistics Released

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The Sussex Partnership NHS Trust released a video today on their Youtube channel, about Sussex and East Surrey Mental Health Statistics.

It shockingly reveals that men in the area who are in contact with the NHS mental health services live on about 20 years less than the general population.

Women in the same circumstances live around 15 years less than the general population, both of which are alarming figures.

The video goes on to inform the audience that mental health patients are 2-4 times more likely to die of illnesses such as; cancer or circulatory or respiratory diseases, than the rest of the population.

The video explains how many people use these services and how much money it costs the NHS.

Many of the participants who took part in the survey want more support and say the NHS has ‘gaps’ in its mental health care. The video ends by telling the viewer what the NHS is doing stating that, “Mental health is a priority”.

To watch the full video click here.


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