10 Tips For Dying Your Hair At Home


Sometimes you need a change in your life and the fastest way to feel brand new is to change your hair colour. Getting it done at the salon can be expensive and not all of us have the time or money to afford that kind of luxury. So at home boxes is the way to go. Here are some tips to make sure everything goes smoothly;

  1. Research the hair colour. The model on the box does not display the colour or how well the box actually works. When finding a colour you like, look for reviews online and see how it has worked for others and how the colour pay off actually is. This way you are much more likely to get the desired colour you want.
  2. Place vaseline around your face. Doing this will ensure the colour doesn’t stain your face. Place it behind your ears and your neck, maybe even your eyebrows so you don’t accidentally dye them also.
  3. Extreme colour changes, especially darker to lighter are hard to achieve at home. Try going for a more subtle change.
  4. Buy two boxes. This will ensure you don’t run out of product and if you don’t use the second box when your roots grow out you have the same colour to top it up.
  5. Dye your hair in the nude. This means you won’t run the risk of staining your clothes. And when you need to rinse your hair out you can just jump in the shower. Easy!
  6. If you are looking to highlight your hair use a toothbrush this will spread the colour over your hair evenly, giving it less of a tiger stripes highlighted look.
  7. Always prepare beforehand. Ensure you have everything in the room before you get started and always do the strand test no matter how badly you want to get to it.
  8. If you have green tones in your hair from a previous colour use a pink shampoo to even it out.
  9. The roots need the most time to develop thats why the box says to start by colouring them. So do them first!! Just follow the instructions on the box, condition after to lock in the colour… it just makes sense.
  10. Finally if you want to revamp your colour and give it that just dyed shine, look for a glaze or a gloss which is an inexpensive way to revive your hair.




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