Human’s of Brighton – Joanna and Her Best Friend of 10 Years Have Matching Tattoos!


Joanna Miles, only comes to visit Brighton for 3 or 4 days per month for work. The company is a DJ Agency based in the Lanes called Families. We spoke about how, at age 34, she lives in Berlin and does a job she loves.

How did that happen?

I used to live in London, and then I moved to Berlin in September. I got my job here in January because I used to work for another company in London and then when I went to Berlin I changed jobs, and part of the deal is that I come here and spend some time with the team and like my assistants and stuff.

So you’re a DJ?

No, I’m an agent for DJ’s, I get them gigs, so I have a list of DJ’s that obviously want to get as many gigs as possible and I find them as many gigs around the world as I can!

Tell me about one of the DJ’s that you represent?

There’s quite a few! I feel really naughty picking one because that means I’ve got a favourite. One of them is like a live band they’re called Pillow Talk they’re American, one of them lives in Berlin and one of them lives in New York. They’re like house, soul R&B, it’s really really good. So they DJ but they’re also like a live band so there’s a vocalist and they’re amazing! But obviously I’m gunna say that!

What do you like about doing this job?

I really really like house music. Thats the main reason. I do get some good perks as well, I get to go to festivals and events. But generally I get to speak about what I love, to people that I like, everyday. And I love my job, which I think is a big help because I think you have t0 love your job.

If you had one message to humanity what would it be?

Be really really nice to each other everyday at least once a day be nice to each other. Love a lot!

So I’ve noticed the diamond tattoo on your inner wrist, is there a story behind it?

Oh this one! Yeah so this is a diamond and this means even in the darkest of times just keep on shining. I have another one as well! I got this one for my best friend (shows me a love heart on her inner forearm). We have the same one but shes got hers there (she points to above her left hip). And thats when I moved to Berlin, just to keep us together always.

Tell me about her!

She is amazing obviously because she’s my best friend. We have been friends for 10 years, she lives in London, works in advertising her name is Claire. Yeah she’s just like the first lady of my life. After my boyfriend she is literally like the second most important person to me after Neil, which she’s gunna kill me for saying that because she wants to be first!

We hope Claire doesn’t kill you and the gigs go well for Pillowtalk! 




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