Music Was An Itch Kev Had To Scratch


Kev Minney has been playing guitar since he was 11 years old. From a young age he always felt like he was searching to do something creative, however he only began his journey as a singer songwriter at the age of 31.

“It just happened, shortly after moving to Brighton,” the singer claims that Brighton allows him to be more creatively free.

He came from Northampton 5 years ago and has worked on his solo career for four years now.

Via: Kev Minney
Via: Kev Minney

Kev has a stutter and says when he began he couldn’t sing. He remembers in the early days he’d sit there and work out the melody to Dylan songs on the guitar, but would still sing half of them out of tune.

He explained the key to it slowly getting better was practice. Dedicating 5 or 6 hours of his day to singing scales, songs or exercises at one point. Although his stutter still annoys him, he finds his own way around it. “There are times, when playing live, I want to say things, and I can’t, so I find other words because they won’t come out,” Kev says.

Via: Kev Minney
Via: Kev Minney

The folky-acoustic sound you hear on his single ‘Dark Stars’ carries through to his debut album ‘Stories of the Sky’. He released ‘Dark Stars’ a year ago and now 365 days later he has worked with 17 musicians, a mercury-nominated producer, 4 video teams, an artist, an illustrator and an animator to produce the 10 song album.

Kev says making the album is probably the thing he is most proud of. Kev surprised himself and exceeded his own expectations of his abilities; “There were so many steps to making it what it is. ‘Stories of the Sky’, is an astronomic themed album, relating human emotion to the cosmos. I am passionate about both space and music, linking them came naturally.” He credits his producer Jag Jago saying that the music would not be the same without him.

Every song on the album tells a different story according to the artist; something from the past or the present, something about him or something else.

Via: Kev Minney
Via: Kev Minney

The music video for the song ‘Like I Always’, will be released on the 24th of August and is one of Kev’s more personal songs which was pulled from a deeper place.

When he looks back he was inspired by artists like Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Nick Drake because they made him feel something.

“Most of my time, from my early 30’s I was in this preparation stage, I knew I was going go for it though, I had this itch to scratch, I wanted to do something ambitious, something worthwhile,” he says when talking about his music.

He has certainly gone above and beyond with his music, he is about to release a documentary called ‘Half Way to the Sky’ which is about the making of the album and has a bunch of upcoming gigs here in the UK and in Germany!

Despite his career beginning to pick up speed he is still incredibly humble saying that his friends inspire him the most because they are all doing their thing. “I love being surrounding by musically or ambitious people. My girlfriend inspires too, as she is very driven, and very talented.”

Kev will be playing at Cafe Plenty to launch his album on the 7th of September.

Via: Kev Minney


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