“Brighton feels so alive” Humans of Brighton – Meet Chloe

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Humans of Brighton returns this Sunday with a wonderful feature of Chloe from London, a University of Sussex student who shared her feelings of nostalgia, remembering her first weeks in Brighton.

We caught up with Chloe on her last day in the city…


Chloe, what did you study at University of Sussex?

I studied Psychology and Spanish BA.


That’s an interesting mix! Can you tell us more about the course?

I’ve always wanted to teach Spanish, I’ve been doing it since college. Sussex has an elective language module that you can do alongside any degree, so I chose to do a Spanish pathway! Surprisingly there’s quite a few people that choose to do that.


Do you plan to stay in Brighton with your degree, or are you hoping to move to Spain?

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I definitely want to go to Spain or South America! I’m actually just moving back home to London, I’m going back up tomorrow but I’m returning to Brighton to do a Masters next September !Today is my last day and I had to come into the Lanes to treat myself one last time.



What will you miss most about Brighton?

Ugh… absolutely everything. I think Brighton just feels so alive, just walking round, you sense it. I am so much happier here than I do in London.


If you could pick one favourite thing about the city to take back to London with you, what would it be?

That question is so hard! I really don’t know… I think possibly just the freedom of exploring and always finding new places to go.


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