“I finally feel like I belong somewhere” Humans of Brighton – Meet Lol

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For this Sunday’s feature of Humans of Brighton, the Brighton Journal team had the pleasure of catching up with Lol, a shop assistant for Kate & Aud in the North Lane.

How long have you lived in Brighton, Lol?

I moved here a few years ago from London to work in social services. I grew up in Buckinghamshire not too far from here, so used to holiday in Brighton as a kid. I was so drawn to Brighton I always told myself I’d live there one day.

What made you leave London?

I was doing social services in London, and I think London just got to me. I didn’t have a great time with my mental health in that city, so needed to take a break from the pace of London and come somewhere a bit calmer. I knew in Brighton I could get better access to the things I was starting to discover, like spirituality, yoga and mindfulness.

How are you finding it so far in Brighton? Do you feel like you’ve found the things you were looking for in terms of your spirituality?

I’ve been here 3 and a half years now, I think with social services I gave everything I could give. I want time to just focus on me now. Brighton is ideal for that because I have access to an entire world of wellbeing and such beautiful people, where everyone is so open. I’ve learnt so much from people that I don’t think I would have learnt from people in London.

When you say “access to wellbeing” what do you mean? 

I think the kind of community that exists in Brighton helps with wellbeing. I’m a member of this group on Facebook called Zu Studios, which is mainly an East Sussex/Brighton group of people who are that way inclined. I use it as a forum to ask if anything is going on, if anyone has advice on things, and people will reply with all these links and ways to help. There is something for everyone, such as an equinox party, or a drumming circle in the forest or the beach, or something to celebrate the full moon. There is just such an amazing community vibe here, and people love welcoming people into Brighton, whereas I find London very cliquey. Also there are so many great Yoga studios and a beautiful Bhuddist Centre!

Lol was a pleasure to talk to as she sat amongst the beautiful saris at Kate & Aud.

What is your favourite thing about working at Kate & Aud?

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Again, I think it is the sense of community and belonging amongst the stall holders and shop keepers. I finally feel like I belong somewhere. Everyone looks out for each other – like if the rail falls on you, or if it starts raining everyone just dashes to help each other! It is such a warm feeling knowing that someone is there for you. Also I think taking a break from working in an industry where I rescue people and was giving so much of myself was really nessecary, it’s so nice to just be surrounded by beautiful silk clothing! I love leaving work feeling equally as charged as I did when I came in to work.

Finally Lol, could you tell us about what the shop sells?

Katie our owner designs everything herself, her clothes are so versatile and designed to be worn more than one way. She works with a family directly in India who make all of our clothing from up-cycled saris. It is all fairtrade and there is no wastage – so that makes each piece unique!

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