If You Could Go Back In Time And Change One Thing In Your Life… What Would That Be?


Katie: I would have saved more money in the past and I would have never got a job at McDonald’s because that was a really horrible experience. I got sacked because of some other girls there and I wish that would have never happened!


Bryony: I definitely would choose my friends more wisely. Looking back, I would try to get rid of some people I called my friends a lot earlier than I actually did.


Beth: I am vegan and I would have changed my eating habits earlier in my life, basically right after I found out what is going on in the meat and dairy industry. That’s my biggest regret. I know what it is like to live guilt free now and I realise that I could have been happy for so much longer!


Tobias: Starting to play music earlier, that’s what I would change. I have always loved music and singing but I haven’t learned to play an instrument until I was 20. Now I am studying music and songwriting here in Brighton, but I should have started a lot earlier with that.


Zhanna: I have stopped improving myself and started to relax and just do nothing but my normal job. But you need to continue learning new things even when you have finished your studies. You should always push yourself and try to improve yourself. I haven’t done that for years and I regret that.


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