Indian summer on the cards as forecasters predict temperatures of up to 30C for the south-east


The UK looks set to enjoy an Indian summer, with forecasters predicting temperatures of up to 30C this week for some parts of the country.

The south-east of England will experience the highest temperatures, but most of Britain will have a spell of warmer weather over the next few days, according to the Met Office.

Commenting on the return of summer weather, the Met Office’s Deputy Chief Meteorologist, Nick Silkstone, said: “Along with the dry and sunny weather, southern areas of the UK will see temperatures rise due to a combination of high pressure and warm air from the continent.

“It will start to get warmer as we start the new week, with temperatures possibly reaching around 29 or 30 Celsius in the south-east on Monday and Tuesday.”

These temperatures will still be some way off the September record, which was 36.5C on September 2nd 1906, and look set to drop off to the low 20s by the end of the week, which is still above average for this time of year.

Government ministers will be hoping that the hot weather does not encourage people to flout the new “rule of six” law for social gatherings, which comes into force today.

The new regulations apply to both indoors and outdoors, meaning people will not be allowed to meet up in large groups at parks or the beach to enjoy the sun.


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