September scheme offers Brighton residents savings on solar panels


If you want to save on your energy bills, generate your own clean electricity, and help to cut carbon emissions, you can now apply to a Sussex-wide scheme to get discounts on high quality solar panels throughout September. 

Brighton and Hove Council are working in partnership with other local Sussex councils on an innovative new scheme offering high-quality solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to homeowners to help deliver their pledge of becoming a carbon neutral city by 2030.

Solar Together

Solar Together Sussex is a group-buying scheme, which brings households together to bulk buy high-quality solar panels at a significantly reduced cost.

You can register your interest in the scheme on the Brighton & Hove section of the Solar Together website.

Registration is free and there is no obligation to go ahead with an installation.

Once registration closes, pre-vetted, accredited installers will tender for the work. This approach helps to drive prices down and ensure that residents get a high-quality solar PV system and save money.

If your house is suitable for solar panels, you will receive a personal recommendation outlining the cost and return on investment.

For residents who already have solar panels, Solar Together Sussex can also help with the installation of a battery storage system to store surplus energy for use when it is needed later in the day.

Cutting carbon emissions

Councillor Siriol Hugh-Jones, joint chair of the housing committee, said: “We’re committed to our city becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

“Energy usage on the city’s homes is crucial to achieving this target. Installing solar PV panels can drastically cut carbon emissions and help save money on fuel bills.

“We’re supporting Solar Together Sussex and hope the offer encourages more city residents to investigate the advantages that the renewable energy from solar panels can bring.”

How to register

Find more information and details of how to register.

To register, you will need to include basic information about your roof, including its size and orientation, to find out whether your house is suitable for solar panels.


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