Interview: Rob Lamberti talks about his show ‘Perfectly George’ at the Brighton Centre

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Rob Lamberti is a George Michael tribute star and has performed his music on stage for over twenty years. Rob Lamberti was captivated by George Michael’s music at just fourteen years old when he watched him perform his song ‘Faith’ on Top of the Pops. Six years later, Rob appeared on the TV talent show ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ and wowed audiences with his rendition of ‘Faith’ earning his reputation as the UK’s number-one George Michael tribute star. Over the years, Rob has performed in front of Hollywood stars such as Chris Evans and Simon Cowell and worked with Sony Music to promote George Michael’s album 25 Live. Rob Lamberti’s latest project is his ‘Perfectly George’ show, which he will perform in Brighton in March 2024. I spoke with the acclaimed tribute star about his upcoming show.

What can the audience expect from the ‘Rob Lamberti Perfectly George’ show?

“Lots of fun, tears, and laughter. The show is an emotional roller coaster for both the audience and myself. It really is an unforgettable evening. It is for everyone or anyone, young or old. There are many cynics out there, but even non-George Michael fans have a great night out. We get many messages from husbands, wives, and partners who are not specifically George Michael fans who came along with their partners and have said they had the best night out ever and are looking forward to coming again.”

What made you want to bring your show to Brighton?

“We want to bring the show to as many destinations as possible, and Brighton is an area we have been looking forward to doing since we started the show, so we are all really looking forward to it. We take the show all across the UK, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. We have performed in Calais, Israel, and Serbia, and we will bring the show across Europe, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Dubai, to mention a few.”

Is George Michael your idol?

“He was never my idol; people always assume this. I have never really had an idol. Life took me down this path, and I found this voice. I have studied and learned everything about George, which enables me to become a character when I walk on that stage. I have huge respect and admiration for George. What a gifted and talented man he was – but off that stage, I am just Rob from Scunnie.”

Which US president did you perform for, and what was that experience like?

“I was asked to perform in the US and then was asked to stay on and perform at a private party at the residence of Donald Trump. Just another one of those surreal moments in your life. Over the 30-odd years in this business, I have had the pleasure of meeting, performing for, or sometimes with various celebrities, which has been great.”

What have the audience’s responses been to your show?

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“The response has been absolutely amazing. I started this journey with 17K Facebook followers, and now I have over 134K. I am so very grateful to the fans that take the time to send me such beautiful messages.”

Do you ever get negativity or backlash for impersonating a famous icon?

“That’s a constant for any tribute, trolls, and keyboard warriors; they are always lingering. I ignore it. It actually makes me laugh. As they are on my page reading and watching my clips.”

‘Rob Lamberti Perfectly George’ will be performed at the Brighton Centre on March 15, 2024.

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