Is Anxiety one of the main reasons workers are currently off sick?


Mental health before the pandemic was at an alarming high but given the events this year has increased individual’s anxiety levels to be pushed to their limits. Many conditions fall under the category of mental health with anxiety just being one of many.

Anxiety Disorder is when an individual feels anxious, worried or fearful in certain situations. These situations do not necessarily have to be dangerous or risky as anxiety on a serve scale can trigger over any little situation. According to these feelings of anxiousness are the bodies natural ‘fight or flight’ to a certain situation.

Within the UK it is reported that over 8 million people are suffering from anxiety on some level with the figure increasing significantly this year due to recent events. On Wednesday afternoon I spoke to Louise Simpson, a woman who actually started to fall into a slight panic attack on the street as it was her first outing to the local shops since the new regulations have been put in place.

“I can not go to work as I work in retail and with all the new changes I physical can not adapt to it. It is all too much for me and I start to panic at just the thought”.

Louise, 55 stated she hasn’t been out properly for months due to recent events as the thought of the globe pandemic sends her into panic mode where she starts to worry extensively and can not relax she advised. Even collecting her food delivery from the driver was proving to be a daunting task as it was the fear of coming into connection with new objects that has been handled by various people in the outside world.

“I know it might sound silly to some people but I really work myself over everything. Even to the point where if I go into my garden I can worry as to me that is the outside world” Louise stated.

Anxiety has many symptoms both mentally and physically and can affect each person differently. A racing heartbeat, hot flushes and heavy and fast breathing are just a small few symptoms a person can experience, for further information on symptoms caused by anxiety visit where you will find a list of possible signs and symptoms caused by anxiety.

The treating of anxiety all depends on you as an individual and what is best suited to you. Here are just a few ways to help calm and keep your anxiety levels at bay and ways to treat your anxiety in the long-term:

*Sleep – Make sure you get at least the minimum amount of 8 hours sleep per night. Having a healthy and clear mind will help to prevent certain thoughts from entering and trigging your anxiety as well as being good for your body.

*Eat healthily – Maintaining a good and balanced diet is not only beneficial to your body but the goodness and antioxidants that are in healthily foods will make you feel good within yourself.

*Exercise – Exercising of any form is a perfect outlet to help calm your mind and suppress thoughts. The release of endorphins in your body will make you feel good inside and leave only clear and happy thoughts in your mind.

*Maintain your Routine – For some people breaking out of routine is not easy and can be a very challenging task to under take. Try to stick to your routine as much as possible with maybe only a slight few new changes.

* Don’t indulge in to much coffee or alcohol – When drinking to much caffeine it can cause you to feel anxious and even experience heart palpitations which will have a significant effect on your anxiety levels or even cause you to start developing health anxiety. Alcohol is a form of depressant and can lead anyone into this feeling without anxiety being present so this one I would avoid as much as possible.

*Take regular breaks- Taking breaks out of your daily routine to relax whichever is your go to outlet, is good for you to cleanse and refresh your mind and take your focus away those anxious thoughts that may be lingering.

And lastly if you have tried all of the above or if you simply wish to take this step at the beginning as you know it is the right solution for you, seeking professional help to talk about how you are feeling to an impartial person has been proven to be one of the best and effective solutions to help treat a person with anxiety or even helping them overcome the disorder all together.

If you or someone around you is suffering from any form of Anxiety Disorder there are numerous charity’s based throughout the UK designed specifically for certain forms of anxiety groups. Visiting you can discover each mental health charity which is best suited for your needs and make contact.


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