It’s Hip to Swish

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As mentioned previously, I predicted ‘swishing’ would be big. Well, Laura over at Rags Revival HQ is continuing to prove this theory. Saturday’s swish at The Fair Shop on Queens Road was all but second hand. The clothes though, were nothing but. I love a vintage shop as much as the next person but often get dissuaded by the sheer price of the products. This event, however, is a brilliant example of ‘out with the old, in with the new’. I took along eight items of unwanted clothing gathering dust in my wardrobe. I came out with five items of clothing and three tokens for the next swishing event. My wardrobe and wallet feel lighter and I have enjoyed my afternoon.

This glamorous top was one of my finds.

Having met Laura previously it was different to see her busy and slightly panicked, but that’s a sign of success. On this occasion she could be characterised as busy but happy. Despite her busy day though, Laura was kind enough to speak to us at Bjournal to describe todays’ event.


“So, Laura, are you happy with today’s swish? Compared to your others how does this one compare?”

‘Yes the event today was the busiest it has ever been and it is wonderful to see so many new faces getting on board with the swishing concept. I think sustainable fashion has really been thrust into the spotlight recently through Brighton Fashion Week and even on mainstream TV, and that it is really having a knock on effect on my events.”

“Do you think Swishing is something that could catch on? In Brighton especially?”

‘Yes I think Brighton is so open minded as a city and green conscious that if swishing could be big anywhere it is here!’

“Are you happy with the pieces brought in and swished today?”

‘I had some fantastic vintage and high street items today and most people walked out with a bag full of clothes, which is awesome! I had so many lovely comments about what a great idea clothes swapping is and that really makes me feel like holding Rags Revival regularly is more than worth it.’

Keep your eyes peeled for future swishes on Rags Revivals Facebook:

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Photos and Text by Lucy Evers



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