Let Down By Your Heroes? Cheryl And Tess Understand…

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They say you should never meet your heroes, but what about when that hero is your dad? Tribute Acts is a show by TheatreState about ‘hope, disillusionment and father daughter relationships’ and it’s coming to Brighton Fringe next month.TributeActs_TheatreState1port_smllr

‘Cheryl and Tess of London based theatre company TheatreState have childhood memories that are full of smiling men in suits promising to make life better: Tony Blair winning the 1997 election, Bill Clinton playing the saxophone, Pierce Brosnan saving the world. Their left-wing, suited Dads felt like they were one of these 90s new-men, too. But Cheryl and Tess grew up, Tony took us to Iraq, Bill lied, Pierce lost Bond and their dads left home. As disillusioned adults trying to survive the New Labour aftermath, the young women wanted to know why their personal and political heroes lost our faith so spectacularly. So Cheryl and Tess hit on the idea of asking their Dads the tough questions. But after years of not speaking openly, they decided to interview each other’s Dads instead. And they filmed it.’Tribute Acts-58_smllr

Tribute Acts enjoyed a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2015 and they are now taking a full-length, newly revamped version on a national tour, stopping off at our very own Fringe festival in May. Darkly funny and boldly honest, Tribute Acts has been described as ‘raw theatrical brilliance. Gallacher and Seddon are gifted performers and the video interaction is beautifully stage-managed. It’s brave, bold and fiercely realised work’ by The Scotsman. The fathers are projected as giant heads, constantly moving throughout the show. The fathers divulge their views on their lives, their daughters and their own hopes.

Tribute Acts will be at The Marlborough Theatre on 25th and 26th of May and will ‘stike a chord with anyone who has mixed emotions about their parents and concerns that their world will become our own.’ You can buy tickets here.


Holly Martin



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