Life Changes To Ensure Better Spine Health

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Over the years, our lifestyle has changed dramatically to the extent that sitting for prolonged periods and including no physical activities has become quite common. Millions of people around the world have back pain daily. Those who suffer from it understand how it affects your quality of life and reduces your activity level and confidence at the same time. There can be different reasons for a person to suffer from back pain. Some of the most common reasons people do have it are obesity, sitting for a long time, improper diet, lack of activity, and arthritis. If you want to change your lifestyle and improve back pain, here are a few changes that you can implement in your life: 

Improve Your Sitting Posture 

Your posture is the most important thing to consider if you are planning to improve your spine health. Often neglected, changing your posture is actually quite critical, especially if you are looking forward to making changes to your spine. 

Most of us are sitting on our laptops or phones throughout the day. What does this mean? Crouching over your gadgets is quite normal. People can’t stop using these gadgets anymore because our whole life depends on them. Instead, try making small changes in your ergonomics: 

  • Sit straight when using your laptop and try to push your shoulders away instead of weighing them in. 
  • After every 30 minutes or so, get up and walk around for 2 or three minutes to straighten your spine. 
  • Buy furniture that supports your spine.

Improve Your Sleeping Patterns 

Sleeping is your body’s way of shutting down and rebooting you for the coming day. Most of us, especially workaholics and gamers, do not emphasize sleeping. One of the most neglected and taken for granted parts of our day holds so much importance in our routine that improper sleeping patterns deteriorate your health. 

Also, it’s not just the hours you sleep. The way you sleep even matters a lot. For instance, sleeping on your stomach adds way too much pressure on the spine. Did you know many people had to go through cervical spine surgery only because the wrong choice of pillows deteriorated

their health over the years? Healthcare experts recommend that to have a good night’s’ sleep, you need to make a few changes in your lifestyle:

  • Invest in a good mattress that is neither too hard and nor too soft. 
  • Buy yourself some extra pillows and place one under your knees if you sleep straight or between them if you sleep on the side. 
  • Do not add a lot of pillows (or no pillows under your neck). 
  • Try sleeping for at least 8 to 9 hours every day. 

Increase Activity in Your Life 

People who have a sedentary lifestyle struggle a lot with back pain, especially in their older days. Including some kind of physical activity is crucial for your spinal health. It will reduce the pressure on your spine, create airflow and also allow you to work on your posture. Studies show that people who went to the gym 3 to 4 times a week had better spine health and a more coordinated system overall. Suppose your spinal issues are because of your weight. In that case, increasing activity levels will actually shed those unwanted pounds and make you fitter. 

  • Walk 10,000 steps every day unless you have a health condition like arthritis. In that scenario, start by walking 5000 steps and slowly add more. 
  • Hit the gym at least 3 times a week. 
  • Perform cardiovascular activities for at least 30 minutes 3 to 4 times a week. 
  • Every day before sleeping and after waking up, perform a plank for 2 minutes. You can start from 30 seconds if you are a beginner. 

Ensure Proper Lifting 

Back pain may occur for a number of causes, but one primary cause is improper lifting technique. Whether you are struggling with that 200lb deadlift at the gym or your work at the local grocery store requires a lot of lifting – it can be pretty challenging for your spine.

Even with relatively less heavy weights, actually bending down and lifting things up will cause lower back pain. You need to understand that repeating the same movements, again and again, damages your spine before it can heal in the first place. 

  • First and foremost, it is imperative to not move objects that are too bulky in the first place.
  • If you find lifting the desired objects a problematic task, ask someone to help you out. The proper lifting technique is to bend at the elbows while keeping your back straight. Try to put maximum weight in your arms so that it doesn’t hurt the spine. 
  • Include weightless exercises like the plank to build back strength and endurance. 
  • Take Warning Points Seriously 

    People ignore the first warning signs that their body starts giving them regarding their spine. If you are experiencing sudden discomfort while moving or sitting, it’s probably because you have been doing something wrong lately. Some people think that it’s just minor and it will go away. Well, it doesn’t. One day you are sitting in your office bending over on your laptop, and the next day, your doctor tells you that you are on the list to get cervical spine surgery. Even surgeries have the chance to go wrong, so instead of regretting your whole life, take initial warnings very seriously. 

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    • Visit a chiropractor regularly for better health management and lifestyle changes. 
    • Follow your doctor’s advice until he gives you a green signal that you are good to go.
    • Make lifestyle changes, so the pain doesn’t come back. 


    Back pain is quite familiar with our sedentary lifestyles and significantly less care. If you are experiencing any kind of back pain, it is crucial to seek immediate medical attention. Adding activity and making small changes in the way also helps a lot in pain management. Exercise will build endurance and improve your spinal strength. It’s important to add 30 minutes of exercise on alternate days and regular walking. 

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