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Brighton Journal | 26th May 2020

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Lifeguards bravery saves 13 year old

Lifeguards bravery saves 13 year old
Hannah Midgley

As you know, on Friday, two teenagers were dramatically rescued from rough seas at Black Rock Beach. Lifeguard Ryan Pook’s bravery led to the boys being rescued.

The first boy was saved by his ‘level headed friend’ whose ‘calm demeanour when calling the police allowed the rescue of his friend within 15 minutes’ and also by lifeguard Ryan Pook’s bravery lead to  a successful rescue. Ryan powered through the breaking waves to reach the boy in treacherous conditions and was able to secure the boy in a rescue tube.

The area where the rescue took place, 40 metres down from the Marina, is known locally as ‘the washing machine’. While out at sea, Ryan was guided by seafront operations manger Chirs Ingall, who said:

I cannot emphasise enough just what an amazing rescue this was. Having been involved at the scene, it is difficult to express just what unfolded to save this young lad’s life.

“Without Ryan’s  bravery and skill, together with the experience and judgement of the RNLI boat crew, this could well have ended in tragedy.”

Seafront officer David Wheeler, who is also a member of RNLI was alerted to the incident just before 5 pm, and 5 minutes later Ryan was in the sea.

Councillor Alan Robins, who is the lead member of the seafront has said:

“Ryan showed great courage, risking his life to save another person.  Our seafront team are an essential part of our council services and much valued for the essential job they do keeping people safe.”

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