Limetown Review

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It’s officially October, so it’s time to get spooky! If you loved podcasts like Lore, Serial or TV shows like the X-Files, you’ll love Limetown.

Image: Limetown © via Limetown Facebook

The Podcast

Limetown is a fictional series of investigative reports by Lia Haddock, a journalist, investigating the mysterious disappearance of over 300 people at the neuroscience research facility of Limetown, ten years ago. Where the staff were trying to “Gain a full understanding of the human brain.”

Limetown aired in 2015. Within two months it had become the US number one podcast. However, the second season aired on October 2018.

The Review

What I love about this podcast is the overhanging sense of mystery that drives Lia. Survivors of Limetown start coming forward. However, only more questions are raised as the mystery deepens. Similarily this unsettling investigation turns into a hair-raising sci-fi story.

Zack Akers and Skip Bronkie write amazing characters. Lia is determined in her mission to uncover the truth. The one-minute episode “a quick apology” would have had me packing up my stuff and running home. But not Lia!

The performances by other members of the cast are amazing, from skype calls to moving monologues by survivors. This podcast is one to listen to with headphones on. You’ll hear Lia’s quickening breaths, the jangle of her keys. The superb sound design solidifies the real-world setting to juxtapose it all the more against the looming ghoulish mystery of Limetown.

Above all, listen to this podcast if you want a gripping creepy story with flawless production values. Though you might want to keep the lights on.

If you’re hungry for more things Limetown you’re in luck!

There’s a prequel novel.

This month on the 16th a TV series will air on Facebook Watch, running for 10 episodes, with Jessica Biel playing Lia Haddock.

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Featured Image: © Podcast, Pixabay.

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