Lou Reed Drones: an extraordinary interactive experience at Brighton Festival

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From 13-17 May at The Spire, on Eastern Road, Lou Reed guitars and amps will be on show for the Brighton Festival. But this will not be just a ‘normal’ exhibition: a feedback loop will be created with each guitar and its respective amplifier, producing pseudo-acoustic notes in which a beating sensation is set in motion. With guitars and amps in feedback mode, ‘Lou Reed Drones‘ installation will provide visitors with 24 strings set in motion from the push of magnetically driven cones, 360 partial harmonics colliding against each other and creating sonic frequencies, overlapping harmonic structures and an interactive sound changing together with other sound sources and people movements.
Moreover, everyone is invited to ‘sit, lay, listen, meditate, sleep, cry, dance, chant, perform Tai Chi – whatever they get emotionally from the sounds they can react to’, as said by Stewart Hurwood, Lou Reed’s guitar technician and man behind the installation.

Stewart Hurwood, who handled Lou Reed’s guitars and equipment for the last ten years of his life, worked together with Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed’s partner and Brighton Festival 2016 Guest Director, to set up this emotional, visceral and spiritual experience that aims to generate a spiral of creativity and experimental music.

In fact, Brighton Festival is inviting artists and practitioners to actively participate in a series of Happenings that will take place during the exhibition between the hours of 2-4pm. Please note that all Happenings need to be self-sufficient, non-intrusive and without amplification; there is no fee.

If you are interested to be featured in the Happenings schedule, just contact [email protected] with a short description about you, your practice and how you would like to contribute to the Drones and the curatorial team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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