Love Island Experience Sparks Debate

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Wannabe Love Island singles have the chance to turn their dreams into (structured) reality this week. From tonight until the final next Monday, every episode of Love Island will be shown on a big screen on Brighton Beach, as part of the “Love Island Experience”.

The “experience” also includes access to a mini arena, which features replicas of parts of the villa, including the infamous fire pit. Prices start at £19.50 for entry. But if you want a seat, or “luxury deckchair”, prices rise to £29.50. You also could splash out on “VIP Beach Hut” admission for 4 (including access to an unspecified number of drinks, and a “premium wristband”), which starts at £175. The event also offers the chance to meet former islanders, such as Sussex local Amy Hart. 

“The Experience” was supposed to be in Liverpool, but it was cancelled the week before it was due to take place. “Logistical reasons” were cited. 

However, some Brighton residents have made their displeasure with the location of the event clear, some pointing out its extravagance in a city with problems like homelessness and rising poverty. 

Debbie Williams-Moore wrote on Facebook, “how sad. I could think of a lot they could have done with that money to help people, makes me angry”.

Gilly Gilroy commented, “how about using some of that effort and expense to erect prefab [manufactured offsite] housing for the homeless instead?” 



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