Humans Of Brighton: Meet Omar

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This week we met up with Omar to ask the question:

“What makes you happy?”

“When I look at people, I can see what is inside of them: It means you are watching who is angry, who is miserable, who is upset. There is always something that makes people unhappy. 

“I have been an a kind of accident you would not believe: brain surgery, broken back, broken leg, C2 spinal cord injury, and four days in a coma. I came back to life and I am thinking, “Wow! I am alive?!”. I was just cycling. A car knocked me straight into a tree and I came down to be knocked again on the floor. The police came to me with pictures and I refused to see the photos of me with the blood everywhere. Took me to a hospital in London. This all happened a four years ago. 

“I was a fabricator and welder in the same company for 18 years. So, now, having recovered, I am trying to get back to life. Looking at life around me makes me incredibly happy. I can’t understand why some people can’t look around themselves and do the same? Some people are miserable and it makes me sad. I like to talk to people and see what is going on with their life. The words you say are the keys to the door: the words that are nice, kind, positive- it makes people wake up. You only live once. When you die, what happens? It’s just blank! Nothing. I have also got good friends, good people. I see them everyday. They do not take any drugs and never been to prison- they are clean as heaven! Here I am now. One thing is very important for the young people: they have to try to smile. When they do not smile, their faces turn naturally miserable. Just smile more.” 


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