Maderia Terrace restoration begins


The first phase of the Maderia Terrace restoration project has finally begun. Over the next six months, a design team will look at options for restoration and explore potential uses. 

The council has announced that the restoration of Maderia Terraces is “underway”. This is good news, as the condition of the Grade II Listed Madeira Terrace has been deteriorating for so long, that on-going maintenance of the structure is no longer possible.

In 2016 the cost of restoring the whole of Madeira Terrace was estimated to be more than £23 million, so the council have to restore the arches in stages. The council had already set aside £2 million for the Madeira Terrace restoration project and will now allocate £550,000 of that funding for the first phase of work.

“Restoring Madeira Terrace is complex but we are committed to bringing this iconic structure back to life.

“It is a big part of our shop window and has so much potential as a draw for visitors, an asset for the community and the local economy. Councillor Alan Robins has said:

“The structure is important to so many people in the city and this is a positive and eagerly awaited step forward for the project.”

A successful crowdfunding campaign raised over £460, 000 and many people are still working hard to make raise money and awareness. The third Save Madeira Terrace raffle is underway and information about it is available here.

Community campaigner Jax Atkins has raised over £26,000 through these rafffles she said:

“We’re hoping this will mean we can see some action. It feels like it’s been a long time coming but as long as progress is being made we are fully behind it.

“We want to see the terrace restored with all our hearts. It is an absolute asset for the whole city and with the right backing and management can once again be the centre piece of our beautiful eastern beachfront”.

To donate a prize or buy raffle tickets, to the third raffle, contact Jax:

Featured image: Luke Andrew Scowen (Flickr)


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