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Brighton Journal | 28th May 2020

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Meet: Josephine Johns Lover Of Creating Images

Meet: Josephine Johns Lover Of Creating Images
Hannah Midgley
  • On 14th September 2017

Six years ago Josephine Johns saved up and bought her first canon camera, after she won a years membership to Adobe Creative Cloud.

She began cautiously but using lightroom and photoshop she became excited by the ability to merge photographs.

Josephine Johns image of herself

Josephine Johns image of herself

She expresses that she has always had a creative mind, dipping her toe into poetry and the odd doodle but her passion is for photography.

“I chose photography and digital art as I find this is an instant way of trying to express what goes on in my mind, I have some unusual dreams and daydreams that I really like to try and recreate.”

Creating a physical form of something which she imagined in her mind makes her feel ’empowered’. She is excited by the fact that the publics interpretation of her work will be different to her own.

Via: Josephine Johns

Via: Josephine Johns

As a single working parent she finds it difficult to always have the time and help she needs to create an image. During the day she works in a school kitchen, as it is really important that she gets holidays off to spend with her daughter.

She often struggles to find willing models to help her recreate her ideas. Which at times are surreal and a little dark. Josephine uses digital art and photography as an outlet for her frustrations and emotions.


Via: Joesphine Johns

Around the same time she bought her first camera she moved to Brighton, and instantly fell in love saying it is one of the only places she feels she truly fits.

If she could she would love to do photography full time, and her ultimate goal is to do that.

You can find her on Instagram or her website to get in touch, buy her work or even work with her as a model!

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