Theatre Royal Brought Us A Deathtrap!


Deathtrap was certainly successful on stage, a story about a once successful playwright who now has writers block and is determined to do anything to get his limelight back. It had all the elements it needed, love, death, suspicion, murder and comedy.

When I think of the theatre I think of musicals and the pantomime. I must admit I don’t go very often as I find it awkward to get past the fact that I’m so aware that these people in front of me are so clearly acting.

This was the main thing which caught my attention when I went to see Deathtrap by Ira Levin last night.

Credit: James Beedham
Credit: James Beedham

Sat during the intermission I realised I had been completely immersed by the play, the characters truly made me believe who they were and I couldn’t imagine them to be anyone else.

Sidney Bruhl the main character played by Paul Bradley was quirky, organic and convincing that he could be a playwright but also be capable of murder.

His wife, Myra Bruhl was played by Eastenders actress Jessie Wallace better known as Kat Slater was encapsulating as the bereaved wife who was disgusted by her husbands actions.

The psychic’s accent was spotless and she gave the play the comical lift it needed, she truly brought the drama and deliberately joked about the play in plain sight.

Credit: James Beedham
Credit: James Beedham

In fact I was so convinced by all the characters the story line completely surprised me. In the very beginning the playwright read in the first act that there would be a murder, this was not what it seemed to be at all.

I never knew tension could be built on stage, or that I would jump or be suspicious of certain characters in this kind of setting, especially when the play takes place in one room and only has 5 characters.

The death scenes were very well executed, and the play ran smoothly with only one fault but the actors recovered with grace. I loved in between scenes old movies were projected onto a screen for us all to witness, such as gaslight.

Credit: James Beedham
Credit: James Beedham

The decor was beautiful, set in an old barn with high beams and books, weapons, movie posters it really felt like you were cozying down in the room with them.

I would highly recommend the play, not only because the actors are superb but because at the end of the day most of us are wanting something that will distract us, a form of escape from our own lives. Deathtrap will pull you in and make you feel like you’ve lived another life full of dark humour and thrilling twists. You may even be looking over your shoulder on the way home.


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