Want to Star in a Music Video?

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We’ve all done it. When we’ve been walking, on the train, bus or even in the car, we have all pretended we are in a music video. Even if you haven’t done it since you were sixteen and listening to Bitter Sweet Symphony, pretending to be Richard Ashcroft as you walk down the street with your Walkman, we’ve all been there. Now, all of your teenage dreams are about to come true…as long as you get yourself down to The Prince Albert pub at 11am tomorrow (Thursday).

Tenderhooks are a Brighton based five-piece – image:Tumblr

Tenderhooks are a five-piece band from Brighton who describe themselves as “Madness meets Ray Charles impersonating Ian Dury”, just imagine that for a while, we’ll wait. Anyway, they’re filming the music video for their new single Brighton is Falling and want us Brightonians to star in it. The video will be directed by BAFTA nominated filmmaker Robbie McCallum and the plan is to feature a “big fun Brighton-esque” crowd. Talking to The Argus, frontman Markus Leinweber said “The director has lots of ideas and there is going to be loads of stuff going on. The video starts with me coming down from Brighton Station and I bump into various people. When I get into the pub the landlord wants me to pay my tab, then the wife comes around the corner and gives me a slap. The day gets as bad as it can be until I come up the stairs and there are heaps of people waiting, the music starts, and I get up and play.”

Frontman Markus Leinweber

Tenderhooks have released three albums since 2005 and have been performing around Brighton for years, with Markus becoming a regular on the city’s open mic scene. If you need something to do tomorrow and fancy being an extra, get to The Prince Albert at 11am, filming should last until 4:30 that afternoon. You can listen to Tenderhooks here.


Holly Martin


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