My Experience with the AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine

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While many people are comfortable and excited to receive their letters inviting them to be vaccinated, there remain some who are sceptical of taking their appointment due to many different factors.


Whether it be the effectiveness, what is actually inside it, the legitimacy of the centre or even the more hysterical ideas such as the idea it is a brain control or location tracking device implanted upon injection, the small minority refuse to take it.


This is escalated further with the new EU hesitancy around blood clots which is yet another petty and revenge filled attempt to damage the country who left and their vaccine producer who would not violate contracts on the whims of an unelected European dictator.


However, hopefully through my personal experience it will calm some doubts in the minds of worriers.


This past Saturday at 10:18am, I received the vaccine for Covid-19.


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It was never the actual vaccine that bothered me but instead the side effects that people had reported.


My mum had been okay apart from some arm pain after hers although as a nurse she was given the Pfizer vaccine which is known to have less effects.


My boyfriend Nathan was called up at 20 due to his moderate asthma, receiving the Oxford/AstraZeneca variant and spending the first three days after having flu like symptoms of tiredness, fatigue body aches, chills and more which left him unable to do very much for three days before slowly regaining his natural state.


As it would for anyone, watching someone you love get sick left me nervous and unsure with no idea what to expect.


Upon arrival there was a nurse in PPE who asked basic Covid questions and that you had an appointment at the door and then guided you through a one-way system.


There was then a second nurse to ask you a full Covid Questionnaire before sending you onto a makeshift reception desk that checked your name, date of birth and allocated one of many socially distanced chair queues for you to sit and wait.


I was still slightly unsure, however knowing how well prepared and organised the whole system was, as well as the fact that I would be seen within 5 minutes of arriving was very comforting.


As I was taken in they sat me down, re-confirmed my appointment and slowly talked me through the procedure.


Their calming and comforting tone does put you at ease even if there are elements of feeling a little old to hear it.


The injection was sudden and felt but was no more than a blood test with a lot less time to have anything inside your skin.


The whole experience lasted no more than 2 minutes, although as a driver I then had to wait 15 minutes before I could leave to make sure there would be no reaction.


While I did experience slight dizziness and some metallic taste in my mouth, there for me was luckily no side effects which affected me in this period, and I was able to leave and return home fairly quickly.


Over the past 3 to 4 days there has been no further effects or symptoms to note that have caused any long-term health conditions.


Maybe I was just lucky, but it is commonplace for people to hear about one single sickness versus the many who did not feel side effects.


From start to finish I felt protected, safe and well cared for with nothing but a knowledge of comfort when I need to return for my second treatment.


Vaccines and this pandemic have been tiring, strenuous and even debilitating for many who have to live their lives adjusted due to Covid-19.


While there is always fear, this whole process was smooth, efficient and will save lives, making it more than worth it to do your part and get this pandemic over and gone so we can be free and normal again.


I found it worth the risk, even Nathan having been pretty ill was more than happy to deal with it for the opportunity to feel safe.


Especially after my experience, there is no competition between a little worry over a vaccine and the massive effect that a 76% protection level has for us all as we look to rebuild and live our lives once again.


Photo Credit: Hakan Nural

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