Operation Dragonfly Tackles Drink-driving Problem

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Brighton and Hove News report that four men have been arrested for drink-driving in the first week of Sussex Police’s summer crackdown known as “Operation Dragonfly”.

Since the operation started on 6th June, there have been 45 arrests with 29 charged across Sussex. Three of the aforementioned recent arrests were in the Brighton area, while the fourth was made in Hassocks.

The charges detailed to the Brighton men so far relate to Stephen Watson (48), Zsolt Plugaru (21), Joonas Kuokka (26) and Wesley Twyman (38). All will appear before court between 23rd and 29th June. Sussex Police insist they have a “zero tolerance” attitude towards drink and drug-driving and urge motorists to either drink or drive — not both.

Sussex Police began their crackdown on 6th June - Photo: James Boyes
Sussex Police began their crackdown on 6th June – Photo: James Boyes

Chief Inspector Phil Nicholas stated that “no matter what time of year it is, drink and drug-driving is a recurring problem.” This would appear to tally with the fact that Brighton is a major scene for drinking given the plethora of bars and clubs, and so unfortunately it is hardly a surprise that there is a small minority who take matters into their own hands when they are simply not in a fit enough state to drive.

However, it’s also important to applaud the efforts of Sussex Police in this regard, as it’s no secret how dangerous driving under the influence of substances can be. Hopefully, Operation Dragonfly will ensure that motorists are deterred from taking unnecessary risks which could seriously harm themselves or others.

We urge all to enjoy Brighton's great pubs responsibly - Photo: Phil Parsons
We urge all to enjoy Brighton’s great pubs responsibly – Photo: Phil Parsons

It’s understandable that there may be an urge to drink both due to the sunny weather and the endless possibilities which Brighton has to offer, but for the sake of others in the community we would like to reiterate Sussex Police’s sentiments and urge motorists to drink responsibly as well as take all necessary precautions before getting behind the wheel.

Featured image: Police_Mad_Liam

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