Petition to make Brighton beaches fully accessible for the disabled and wheelchair users


Local resident Clare Nelson has launched a petition to Brighton & Hove City Council in a pledge to make all of Brighton’s beaches wheelchair accessible. Since it started in August, it has gained over 1600 signatures.


The petition arose after Clare decided it was grossly unfair how many local residents who are disabled cannot enjoy the beaches and sea as much as others. This is due to beach access being inadequate for people with a wide range of needs and impairments.


“As one of the most heavily populated seaside towns that draws in millions of tourists each year, the lack of wheelchair safe ramps, railings and lifts is unacceptable” says local resident Jacky, who signed Clare’s petition.


“We have sent people to the moon, but cannot enable all people to get down into our sea.”


The petition is not just aimed at improving beach access for disabled people, but also for the elderly and children, as well as for parents with buggies and pushchairs. It applies for anyone who may have access needs.


Speaking in August on her Facebook, Clare said: “I personally think it’s a travesty & a tragedy that people with mobility issues and access needs can’t enjoy the seafront & beach fully. If you, like me would like to help change this and make our beach available for everyone to enjoy then please sign and wisely share the petition below – 1200 signatures needed in order for the council to listen.”


The petition has indeed collected more than enough signatures after Clare received tremendous support on social media for her cause. After hitting the target number of signatures, it has been decided the petition will be held for discussion in front of the Full Council on December 13th.


There is still time to sign the petition! If you would like to see more adequate beach access available on our local seafront, sign the petition here.


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  1. Please can you make it possible for everyone to be able to get to feel the sea. I’ve been disabled due to a serious life changing ordeal several years ago, and one of my biggest dreams is to be able to get as near to the sea as possible. It’d give me a reason to get out more and start having some fun back into my life, I’m sure I speak for all those who can’t speak for them selves too.


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