Police evacuate Hove station after ‘suspicious package’ found

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British Transport Police were called to Hove station at around 9.30am this morning after a “suspicious package” was found on one of the platforms.


All trains from Hove station were cancelled, whilst scheduled trains were not allowed to stop at the platform.


Passengers waiting at the station for connecting trains were evacuated


A train conductor on the 09:35 from Worthing announced: “You may have noticed this train will not be stopping at Hove. This is due to an ongoing security investigation regarding a suspicious package. We are safe to go through Hove but we will absolutely not be making a stop at this station.”


Those requiring services to Brighton were urged to continue onto Preston Park station, or to leave the train at Portslade and get a bus. All train tickets were being accepted on all Brighton and Hove buses.


Southern Rail UK took to Twitter to inform those travelling using Southern Rail:

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At around 10.50am Hove station re opened to the public, the package was confirmed as nothing to be alarmed about.





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