Pub of the Week: The Martha Gunn

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Named after the famous Brightonian dipper, The Martha Gunn is now famous for their signature Sunday roast. But, there is a lot more to this pub than that. Located in the heart of Lewes Road, the Martha Gunn hosts a number of different events throughout the week to make it one of the most versatile and welcoming pubs in area.

Mixing the feel of an old country pub with a modern menu has given the Martha Gunn a very good reputation for being the perfect place to go for a drink and relax with your friends. It also has a number of welcoming armchairs that are perfect for taking in the pub and listening to one of the many bands that they have play in the evenings. It’s intimate and cosy, providing a slightly different environment for socialising to some of the other pubs in the area.

martha gunnn

As well as their friendly atmosphere one thing that the Martha Gunn can boast about is the quality of its food. Served by the Pickled Kitchen, the food in the Martha Gunn is really varied and all of the same high standard. The burgers in particular are great, with a lot of choice over meat and toppings. And, aside from the everyday menu, there are also specials on a board that live up to the expectation that you would expect from the Pickled Kitchen.

During the week the Martha Gunn hosts quiz nights as well as a number of live in house bands and open mic nights. The entertainment is great for anyone looking to go for a quiet drink and enjoy themselves. The quiz night always attracts a lot of teams and the questions are challenging but not impossible, so anyone looking for a fun night should try there. Aside from their event nights, the atmosphere in the Martha Gunn is relaxing and quiet and is great for people looking to have a conversation with some great food.

The famous roast

The selection of drinks is as varied as the food menu, ranging from craft ales to a couple of more well known taps. The majority of the beers are a little uncommon in most pubs, so this is a refreshing change and good for someone who wants to sample a new pint! As well as the pints on offer there is a generous selection of house spirits and wines, so there is something for everybody even if you may not have heard of it!

The outside smoking area offers wooding decking and hatches which are great if there is a group of you. The hatches come complete with heaters that you can turn off and on as you please, so even if it is a little cold there is no excuse to not get yourself down the pub.

martha gunn armchair
The Martha Gunn has a warm atmosphere. Could be the fire.

With so many pubs in the Lewes Road area it might be easy to forget about the Martha Gunn. However, the next time you want to go for a drink or two the Martha Gunn will welcome you with open arms and the attentive staff will make you will feel at home there immediately, so it is definitely worth a visit.

The Martha Gunn is located at 100 Upper Lewes Road Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 3FE

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