Quirky Gift Shops in the North Laines

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Looking for an original gift but don’t know where to go? Don’t stress, we at Bjournal have listed in no particular order our favourite go to shops in the North Laines, for those of you that have been searching high and low for that perfectly unique gift. Celebrated for providing beautiful, funky and independent boutique shops, bars and restaurants. The North Laines are seen as Brighton’s bohemian and cultural quarter and an essential feature of the vibrancy that is Brighton.

metal lampRelatively new at only two years old you may recognise Artizana in the North Laines. Artizana has been included on this list due to the authenticity of the shop. Everything in Artizana is sourced  100% from Morocco, hand-made and hand-crafted with quite a few of the pieces being one-offs. The owner of Artizana visits Morocco roughly three times a year and hand picks everything so the store really is unique. With such an eclectic assemblage of items we at Bjournal have admittedly found it very difficult to narrow down and choose one specific outstandingly quirky gift item. However, after a long and hard think we have settled on this beautiful metal lamp. Those of you that have been to Artizana will have seen their huge display of lamps but for those of you that have not had that privilege, we promise you that this is just the tip of the iceberg!

lotus lampLotus is also a well-known shop in the North Laines, started up thirteen years ago by a Hare Krishna devotee, Lotus has now developed in to a chain of four different shops including one in the South Laines. Promoting yoga and meditation the positive vibes and energy that can be felt within Lotus truly are unbelievable. Similarly to Artizana, Lotus is full of hand-crafted items sourced from a variety of countries such as Nepal, India and Thailand. As a very colourful and welcoming shop Lotus cannot help but draw you in and that is why we have chosen this particularily alluring and distinctive lamp. On display in the shop front window, this bright yet mysterious lamp instantly caught our eye and encouraged us to look further in to Lotus. Perhaps it will do the same to you too?

DSC_0713Also in the North Laines, Retail Therapy is renowned for literally being full of potential retail therapy. Selling an array of hand-made locally sourced goodies, the shop is full to the brim of quirky items perfect for those of you that are on the hunt for original gifts. Incorporating spiritual morals and positive energy, they encourage and promote recycling making it a truly ethical and Fairtrade shop. We were attracted to Retail Therapy simply because of the huge diversity of items and services that were available and so breaking the theme of lamps we have decided on an  unusual gift idea that essentially cannot even be bought. Our favourite aspect and potential gift idea of Retail Therapy was Clare, Retail Therapy’s resident tarot reader who is available every day to offer insight and clarity through personal readings. So if you are looking for a gallery of exclusive pieces or a way to glean insights into your life, then Retail Therapy is ready and waiting for you!

Located on the same road as Artizana and Lotus, Tribalik has made a positive name for itself within the North Laines. They started off only selling a small amount of books and have gradually expanded to the great Aladdin’s cave that we see today, selling jewellery and clothes amongst other things. The jewellery is mostly sourced from Asian countries such as India and Thailand through Fairtrade sales. Our favourite aspect of Tribalik is their extensive collection of jewellery that is sourced from all over the world. Whether you are looking for bracelets, rings or even a pair of earrings, Tribalik will be of assistance whilst incorporating their orginal, authentic and tribal flair.

Kamilah McInnis

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