Reasons To Consider Veganuary this January

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For many people, the new year brings many new resolutions or pursuits which they decide to achieve over the space of weeks, months or even the entire year.

These things can range from signing up to the gym, making more time for friends and finding a new hobby to enjoy.

One of the most popular decisions for people in January is to become vegan for a month as part of a tradition known as ‘Veganuary’.

There are many reasons why people may try to reduce their consumption of meat and animal products for the whole month, and there are some that may be worth considering too.

Firstly, the most notable reason is to save the animals.

Many people are not aware of the types of farming that exists for livestock and animals in the food market, where many practices are considered inhumane and to force the long term suffering of the animals as part of the farming process where they are often force fed and kept in very small enclosures with the pure intention to be prepared for slaughter before being sold as food.

Sustainability is also considered an important factor as the constantly changing environmental situation threatens the planet, the impact that the production of meat has on this is large, with the reduction of consumption leading to improvements in the damage caused by farming or other techniques to create food supply such as fishing.

There are also considered to be many health benefits from choosing a plan based diet, even for a month with many top level athletes seeing is as extremely beneficial to their health, recovery and overall performance abilities due to the reduction in cholesterol levels, lover blood pressure and other risk reductions of other health conditions.

Whilst many people would never consider changing permanently to a life without meat, for just a month it is something that if you weigh up the benefits could be a great resolution for the whole of January in 2022.


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