Relocating your salon? Here’s how to choose a new location

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There are many reasons you might choose to relocate your current salon. Your lease might have come to an end, or you might have been on a temporary contract with another salon owner. When the time comes to move to a new location, there are a few steps you need to take to make sure your business isn’t damaged by the move. And it all starts with choosing the right location. 

Starting your own salon is not without its challenges, but if you prepare well, you’ll have a head start on lining up bookings for your new location. Follow these steps when choosing your new location and then let your clients know how to find you.

Think about foot traffic

You might have an established customer base, but foot traffic and visibility still matter. Off the beaten path can be a fun marketing tactic, but being front and centre on a high street is an excellent way to get free publicity.

Look for parking

You might take the bus, cycle or walk to work every day, but not all of your clients will want to do this. Look for a place with parking attached to the property or very nearby. Nearby parking is a simple way to make your salon more accessible to everyone. Be wary about moving to an industrial area just because of the parking. No one wants to get pampered next to a factory of warehouse.

Take note of the neighbours

Moving into an area that is already saturated with salons might be a risky move. Unless you offer something dramatically different, you might be better off looking for an area with very few competitors. However, you want to be in a nice area with businesses that your clients would also love. For example, look for areas with boutiques, flower shops and artisan cafes if you want plenty of foot traffic.

Think about scalability

Balancing the size of your space will always be different. You want it small enough that it’s affordable, but not so small that you can’t scale your business. An ideal space would be affordable and dividable. You can portion off the back part of the salon and then gradually increase your space as demand increases. This will help you to avoid having the space look empty and cavernous or cramped and dingy.

Budget is everything

At the end of the day, you have to let your budget do the talking. There’s little sense in falling in love with a space that you simply cannot afford. If you want to be able to take a larger space, consider joining forces with a complimentary business such as a nail or tanning salon. You can split the space (and the rent) and offer a wider range of services to your clients. This solution may also come to your rescue if you take on a bigger space than you can handle. It’s all too common for business owners to overestimate how quickly they can scale their business. Renting out a portion of your salon may help you to make ends meet.

Spread the word about your new location

If you haven’t already got a mailing list, you need to start one. A mailing list is better than social media because you can speak directly to each one of your subscribers. You can create email campaigns that look like you’re delivering it to just one individual. You also don’t have to worry about algorithm updates damaging your reach. Sending out an email reminder that you’re moving to a new location is the simplest way to keep your clients updated.

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