Revenge, Power and A Murder of Ravens


Are you ready for a brilliant weave of vocals, poems, music, song and performance to whisk you away on a breathtaking trip?

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This funny and touching parade of characters and stories will entrap you with broken dreams, witchcraft, power, revenge, murder and the magic of ravens. With a voice that could draw blood, performer Adrienne Thomas, is arriving in Brighton to present to you a series of anger, disaffected, boredom and vengeful women portrayed in this one woman act.

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This powerful and touching show will tickle your funny bone and plummet the depths and reach the heights which will leave you both physically and vocally shouting for more. Held together by contemporary music, with support from bass, percussion and masterful lyrics, these unique songs are gripped together by a strong stage presence.

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Brighton Fringe is known for it’s unique acts and entertaining lifestyle, however with Tales from the dark side of the ironing board heading for Brighton, we’re in for an enchanting and startling ride.


A MURDER OF RAVENS by A Moveable Feast Collective

Rialto Theatre 11 Dyke Rd. Brighton. BN1 3FE

May 14th to 18th inclusive. 10.30pm. £10 / £8

Direct link

Facebook Page: A Murder of Ravens

Book tickets at or call 01273 917272

Contact 07981 226568.


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