Looking Like You Are Under 25? Don’t Forget Your ID When Going Out!

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With so many nightly events going on in the city at the moment, bars and pubs in Brighton are really strict when it comes to showing your ID when buying a drink or even when entering the venue. So if you look like you are under 25, just make sure you have it with you before going out. It might save you from a ruined night.

It’s the Brighton and Hove City Council that has increased pressure on bars and pubs because people tend to go out a lot more to have some drinks this time of the year with the huge number of Brighton Fringe and Brighton Festival events.

There might even be secret police controls carried out in the bars where police send minors and young looking people into a bar to check whether they are asked for their ID. Bar and pub owners are therefore advising their staff to be really strict.

In many bars, staff members are wearing these lanyards to raise people's awareness.
In many bars, staff members are wearing these lanyards to raise people’s awareness.

So having your ID with you might save you from being kicked out of the bar like it almost happened to a young woman last night. Having come to the pub to meet up with some friends, she went to the bar to grab a drink and was asked to show her ID. As she didn’t have it with her, the bar staff told her they were legally not allowed to even let her stay on the premises. In the end, they did allow her to stay but only after a long discussion.

Avoiding annoying situations like this is easy. Just check your wallet for your ID!


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