Richard Alston Dance Company Celebrates 50 Years of Dance

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Richard Alston Dance Company celebrates 50 years of dance with the autumn tour of Mid Century Modern, which is a mixture of brand new pieces and extracts chosen from the past decades of Alston’s choreography.

The tour comes to Theatre Royal Brighton on Tuesday 9th October and the evening centres around exciting World Premieres by Richard Alston and associate choreographer Martin Lawrance.

The show will feature a brand new piece, Alston’s Brahms Hungarian, which is set to the hugely popular Brahms’ Hungarian Dances – music that Alston had planned on choreographing to for years. Brahms’ piano pieces will be played live on stage by RADC’s outstanding pianist Jason Ridgway.

Richard Alston studied fine art and theatre design at Croydon College of Art in 1965, before becoming one of the very first students at the newly established London Contemporary Dance School in 1968.

The Richard Alston Dance Company was launched in November 1994 by Alston at The Place, to great acclaim. It is now one of the UK’s leading choreographer-led companies, where Alston has created over 45 dance-works.

Richard Alston Dance Company focuses on Alston’s new choreography but combines this with the re-creation of seminal past works from Alston’s career. Music plays a vital part in the company’s identity and since its inception Alston has made work to the music of a diverse range of composers.

Full of passionate drive and joyful gusto, Alston’s new dance, Brahms Hungarian, is swept along by the energy of this hugely popular music.Costumes will be designed by award winning designer Fotini Dimou with lighting by Zeynep Kepekli, both regular collaborators with Alston.

Another brand new dance, ‘Detour’, will be premiered by Associate Choreographer Martin Lawrance, inspired by Drumming Remix, a reworking of music by American Master Steve Reich, with costumes by Jeffry Rogador and lighting by Zeynep Kepekli.

Set to Michael Gordon’s pulsing Timber, Detour will be a companion piece to a celebratory revival of the beautiful Proverb, one of Alston’s most telling choreographies set to the serne and cool vocal work of Steve Reich.

Created in 2006 as part of Reich’s seventieth birthday celebrations at London’s Barbican, this is the very first time the piece has been revived.

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The programme also includes Mid Century Modern, a journey through each decade of Alston’s career, featuring sections from Nowhere Slowly (1970), Rainbow Bandit (1977) and the joyous Signal of a Shake (2000).

This is not an event to be missed for dance enthusiasts and Richard Alston! If you would like to attend, tickets can be purchased here.

Feature Image: Richard Alston Dance Company performs Proverb. Dancers: Liam Riddick, Elly Braund. Image by Elliot Franks.

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