Scaled Back Brighton Pride Kicks Off This Weekend

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This Saturday will see the start of the annual Brighton Pride event in a whole new way.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the largest annual LGBTQ+ celebration in the country has been cancelled for the past two years and was at threat of this year being the third.

To ensure the event can take place, organisers have created a selection of smaller, intimate performances alongside pop-up cultural displays to keep the attendees as safe as possible.

The 2020 and 2021 celebrations were planned to be the 30th anniversary event, headlined by international icon Mariah Carey.

Instead, the new innovation of the show will include LGBTQ+ performers such as Duncan James, Heather Peace, Christopher Biggins and Polari.

The launch event is set to bring together cabaret, drag and spoken word performances alongside traditional live music performances to highlight the unique talents of the local and national community.

Paul Kemp, the managing director of Brighton Pride outlined his thought process for the new set-up, explaining that with the continuing scepticism from the public due to the country only just leaving lockdown, most people are really happy to get outside and engage with people again, just on a smaller scale.

The large crowds and bustling nature are still an overwhelming experience for many who are not prepared to take those kinds of risks.

All events in this year’s Pride celebration will take place from the Ironworks Studios in central Brighton.

One such event is the Identity Project, a portrait exhibit which displays participants from 11 to 96 who come from all different backgrounds and lifestyles, yet all who represent different aspects of LGBTQ+ life.

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The festival is usually a large earner for the city, making around £20m every year from the week-long celebration involving parades, parties and hordes of tourists all looking to experience the openness and unique nature of Brighton.


Photo Credit: Mercedes Mehling


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