SCiO Scanner- The Future of Dieting?

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Calorie counting, measuring, ingredient logging, the list is endless and for those who don’t have the time, or can’t be bothered, to know all this information about their food, staying healthy can be that little bit trickier. However, after a successful kickstarter campaign, ConsumerPhysics has unveiled DietSensor, a truly impressive app that come with a scanner that allows you to know the calories, carbohydrate breakdown, fat content, and protein in everything you eat. All you have to do is point the scanner at the food you’re about to eat and it works out what the food is made up of by analysing how each of its molecules vibrates. You do have to scan each item on your plate however, but that is much easier than having to log the things yourself, or worse, ask the waiter. It also works on homemade foods and alcohol which means it’s already better than your standard barcode scanning apps.  

Once you’ve scanned your food, the device will transmit the dietary information to the app via Bluetooth, your phone will then show you the food’s breakdown and add the information to the diet tracker. It all sounds very fancy, and very technical for your average person just wanting to lose weight. However, the device was not made with dieters in mind, but actually for those with diabetes. Many think that this will also prove invaluable to emergency services as it is thought that they will be able to identify pills using the same method. It seems that this simple tool could prove to be extremely useful, not just for those needing help sticking to their diet, but also for those people who genuinely need to know what is in everything they eat in order to stay healthy.

Of course, this does come at a price, though not as much as you may think. The scanner is available to pre-order at £169.49 or $249 and you will have to pay a £6.80 monthly subscription fee. Although it seems pretty pricey, for those who would really benefit from it, it’s a small price to pay. The scanner will be launched in May this year.

Holly Martin


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