Sell Out London Show to Hit Brighton Fringe

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After taking Edinburgh Fringe by storm, a sell out three weeks at London’s Soho Theatre, two awards and a West End Award nomination, Luke Wright is bringing his show, What I Learned From Johnny Bevan to the Brighton Fringe this year. What I Learned From Johnny Bevan ‘is a compelling, politically charged story encompassing shattered friendships, class and social ceilings, and The Labour Party’s battle for its soul’What O Learned From J Bevan Prod__23_cropsml

Johnny Bevan saves Nick at University, popping his middle-class bubble and getting him involved in politics, music and literature. Twenty-years later Nick is a jaded music journalist and needs to save Johnny from himself. What I Learned From Johnny Bevan ‘strikes at the heart of British politics, questioning the middle class value system that encouraged the rise of New Labour and David Cameron’s brand of Conservatism, and saw both parties abandon the work class.’What I Learned From J Bevan Prod__172sml1

Luke Wright is best known for his performance poetry, often seen opening for the legendary punk poet John Cooper Clarke. He can also be heard on BBC Radios 3 & 4 and has performed at Latitude, Festival Number 6 and The Edinburgh International Book Festival. Written and performed by Luke, this is definitely going to be a Brighton Fringe highlight. The show has already received rave reviews, with London Theatre rewarding the show five stars, saying the show is ‘an astonishing, thought-provoking and original tour-de-force’. You can buy tickets for the show here.


Holly Martin


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