Sharing operation ‘hiyacar’ motors into town


We’re already renowned down here on the south coast for our generosity: houses, bikes, pets, bowls of sugar – you name it, our generous townsfolk share it. And now you can add cars to that list, as peer-to-peer vehicle moguls hiyacar have arrived in BN1. The London-based company, founded in 2016, already has 65,000 members and where better to expand than Brighton? A place so proudly entrenched in Green sustainability. Featured image © Eco-Age

Image  ©  Tech News Century

Graeme Risby, Co-Founder of hiyacar, explains, “The Brighton to London railway line is currently used by over 300,000 passengers every day meaning a huge number of cars are being left idle throughout the day. For every one car shared, 11 can be taken off the road and with Brighton’s drive for sustainability through community change, we’re hugely excited to see how we can work with the city.” It seems like the perfect match; Brighton and Hove holds the staggering statistic of having nearly fifty thousand more full license holders than registered cars. Amongst local residents there is a huge demand for having the convenience of a vehicle but over a short period of time. We’re incredibly well connected to other urban locations in the south east by public transport but when it comes to exploring the large expanse of Sussex country practicalities often get in the way.

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The technology hiyacar uses to allow for ease of access requires a simple installation of a product dubbed a QuickStart® box. From there the vehicle can only be unlocked by vetted app users using virtual keys, so just like other giant shared economy apps there is an emphasis on trust, safety and feedback. Members then simply cherry-pick the car which suits their journey best and day rates start from as little as £28. For more on the sustainability of hirecar and how to get involved visit their website and get started. Maybe you’ve got a huge shopping list that is piling up and a trip to the local supermarket is on the cards? Or a family member is staying with you and Seven Sisters is calling? This writer has just checked and there is a Fiat 500 0.3 miles from my house which has my name on it…



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