Signs You’ve Found the Right Therapist

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Most people think that there is a one-size-fits-all when it comes to therapy, but it’s not the case. There are different therapists out there who can help you for different things and have different methods of doing that. There are options for different types of therapy that focus on certain things and the techniques are often different from therapist to therapist.

Finding the right one is never an easy thing to do, and if you’re thinking about connecting with a therapist but you’ve never tried to before, it might help to know the signs that you have found the right one. You want to feel comfortable with your therapist and you want to make sure that the therapy sessions that you have aligned with what you are looking to get out of them. So here are the signs that you found the right psychologist to help you with your mental health.

  • You feel like you’re being listened to. Therapists are supposed to make you feel heard, but there are some therapists that sit there in the chair and they look like they’re daydreaming and not actively listening to what you have to say. If you’re able to speak openly with the therapist, then the biggest indication that you have found the right one is that they are able to make you feel like you can talk freely and relax. Not everybody feels comfortable in a therapy session, especially as therapists are strangers. Trying to fill them in on your life and help them to understand where you are coming from isn’t easy.If you have that initial comfort, then you have found the right one.
  • They’re experts in what they do. Therapists can focus on specific fields, so you might end up with a therapist who is there to help you with depression, but there are other therapists that will be able to help you with the relationships, for example. You found the right therapist if the one that you are speaking to and meeting up with on a weekly basis makes you feel like they are an expert in what they are doing. Having confidence in their abilities is so important to continue with those sessions.
  • They are flexible. Some therapists only hold clinic hours at certain times of the day, which means that they’re not as flexible as they could be. If you find a therapist who’s happy to work around you, that’s a special thing in itself. Some therapists offer online or telehealth sessions as well, so you’ll be able to access their support and help anytime you need it.

It doesn’t feel uncomfortable. You need to be able to talk to your therapist with no boundaries, and if you are able to open up and speak to them, then you definitely have found the right one. You need to explore different therapists, and you may need to have a couple of sessions with a few different therapists to understand exactly what you need in the first place.

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