Sloping Ceilings – Ideas

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It can be quite tricky to find a good use for all that extra space underneath sloping ceilings when you live in a top floor flat. However if done right it can really add to the charm of your apartment as well as making good use of that extra space. Here are some cool ideas we came across while browsing the internet.

Custom-built shelves are  a classy and practical solution that can really add to the charm of your apartment. Adding a worktable for two, as seen here, takes practicality to a different level.
Here is a fun way of playing with the space to make it more interesting. The one on the right is easy to do but for the idea on the left you might need a carpenter’s assistance.
One can never have enough storage in the house. Why not play with it a little bit and cut those lines in an innovative way like this?
Or you could just get a hammer, some nails and hang all those pictures you’ve been collecting through the years up under those sloping ceilings. It adds a lot of character to the space.


This is a beautiful solution also and practical. It would require help from a professional carpenter however.


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