Wellies and Waterproofs: The Best Items to Keep You Dry This Winter

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When we think of winter, we like to think of bright, crisp mornings, snow and frost on the grass, we tend to overlook the fact that we live in the UK. Those lovely winter mornings we wish for every year tend to get blown away by the torrential rain and strong winds we experience far too often for my liking. Unfortunately, the country doesn’t stop for rain. Snow, definitely, but not rain so it’s vital that we stay warm and dry but more importantly, look good doing so. Here are some Wellington
boots and rain coats that will do all of those things.

Hunter Wellington Boots: Wellington boots, or the things children wear so they can jump in puddles, are probably not the most obvious choice for fashionable footwear. However, Hunter wellies have been the staple must have for Festivals for years, with the likes of Billie Piper and Millie Mackintosh all sporting the boot. Classically British, Hunter Wellingtons are a must have for this winter.

Hunter Wedges: For those of you who may have an aversion to flat shoes, Hunter also do a pair of wedged short wellington boots. Perfect for everyday use, these waterproof heels might be the only heels you wear this winter.

Joules Bow Wellington Boots: Add a bit of glamour to the Sunday dog walk with a pair of these wellies from Joules. The bow on the back adds an elegance to the welly boot, something not many thought was possible. They do the job, and look really cute doing it.

Barbour Waxed Jacket: Barbour, like Hunter, have been increasingly popular brand amongst the festival elite in the past few years. Championed by Alexa Chung and Kate Moss, a trusty Barbour jacket will do you no wrong. Waterproof, warm, and flattering, there is nothing more you need in a coat. The wax coating provides extra protection from the elements and is a must have for any wardrobe.

Joules Waterproof Jacket: For something a bit lighter, and a bit cheaper but still just as good, the Joules waterproof jacket is a great investment. More lightweight than the Barbour, this waterproof jacket will be perfect for the milder but blustery days.

So there are some staples for this winter, so never again will you be cursing the smug friend who brought a waterproof jacket, because you’ll be the smug friend who brought their waterproof jacket.

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