Nitrous Oxide shock! Addicts at Brighton Marina?

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Bjournal can reveal that a large number of capsules, apparently containing Nitrous Oxide, were seen strewn across the road in a back area of Brighton Marina on Sunday 08 November. Nitrous Oxide, also known as ‘laughing gas’ is the current drug of choice enjoyed (according to national media sources) by celebrities as diverse as Prince Harry, Demi Moore and c-list actresses from Coronation Street and The Only Way is Essex.

Pictures taken at Brighton Marina on Sunday November 8, 2015.

While Nitrous Oxide, also known as ‘Hippy Crack’ has been sold widely as a ‘legal high’ which reportedly mimics the effects of cocaine or heroin and is claimed to be less dangerous than alcohol, sale for recreational purposes is in fact entirely illegal. In addition medical authorities have reported a number of potential side-effects of the drug, including hallucination and the possibility of a fatal overdose.

A police officer confirmed that the capsules were likely to be contain Nitrous Oxide when shown photos by Bjournal.

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Feature picture by ProMo-Cymru






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