Brighton Street Style! – These boots were made for walking!

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The sun was back out in Brighton today and so were you lovely people! As we had a walk around to find this week’s best dressed, it was obvious the boots are firmly out from the back of your wardrobes.



First up we spotted this lovely lady who works at Porta, a stand-alone Brighton shop which sells local designer pieces. Her whole outfit was bought from Porta and she said, ‘I love helping small designers and buying from them is my favourite!’ She also loves lots of colour and thinks it’s most important to move with the seasons.



Next up we got to have a chat with Izzy, her cute bag is from Mango, her skirt is from Topshop and both her jumper and gorgeous boots are from Zara. We asked her favourite place to shop and she said, ‘Mango but it’s not in Brighton, so in Brighton it would have to be Zara’. Her favourite pieces at the moment are ‘jumpers, going into winter, just like big, fat, knitted jumpers I love and then sock boots are just easy – they go with everything!’


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Then we spoke to Masie beautiful printed skirt is from Zara and is her favourite piece in her wardrobe right now, she bought it a couple of weeks ago and has worn it many times since! She said, ‘My favourite place to shop is probably Urban Outfitter or Topshop – they’re like my go to’.



We also got to chat with Charlotte who said, ‘I don’t really have a favourite place to shop, I just go everywhere – don’t limit yourself!’ She likes a mix of high street and vintage to create the best look and her favourite piece in her wardrobe at the moment is something she purchased for a Cabaret tonight, she described it as ‘this kind of Dita Von Teese, really tight structured dress’ which sounded absolutely amazing.



Last but by no means least we spoke with Katie this weeks best dressed! We asked her if she had a favourite place to shop and she said, ‘not really no, I like a hunt, I like a rummage around for things – I like charity shops, car boot sales, a few vintage shops but I’m also very thrifty and I don’t like spending too much money and vintage shops in Brighton have got very expensive.’ Her favourite piece in her wardrobe at the moment is her beautiful coat ‘because it’s new and I love it, I got it in a charity shop for £7.50 because it was covered in dog hair but I’ve made it good as new’.


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