Surprise Brighton Fringe Festival performances kick off ticket sales

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Brighton Fringe Festival – England’s largest diverse arts festival and one of the biggest fringe festivals in the world, kicked off its launch this week with a mix of harmonies from a choir that reverberated through Brighton station during the rush hour, along with the appearances of samba dancers and cabaret artists adding to the colourful surprise for enthusiastic commuters and thrilled onlookers.

Brochures for the festival were handed out to thousands of people during the flash-performances.

Brighton Fringe Festival's team with the new brochure.
Brighton Fringe Festival’s team holding the new programme.

Around half a million people may go to Fringe this year as attendance has nearly doubled since the beginning of the decade [1].

The day before, hundreds gathered at the Sallis Benney Theatre to witness the festival’s brochure launch, including leading figures from different sectors of Brighton’s community in academia, members of government, the private sector, and the art world.

Julian Caddy, managing director of Brighton Fringe, opened the proceedings by thanking everyone involved. He said: “I would like to thank the participants, venue, producers and audiences for having the faith in Brighton Fringe that they have. It is thanks to you there is a Brighton Fringe. It is your festival and I dedicate it to you.”

The gathered crowd were then treated to a brilliant range of performances by: Brighton Gay Men’s Chorus, comedy musical duo the House of Blakewell, cabaret artist Alfie Ordinary, vintage swing trio the Close Shaves, tap dancer Jamie Spall and drag kings from King of the Fringe, all of whom will appear in the festival itself.

Brochures are available inside Brighton’s train stations, shops, public libraries and museums, or can be found at the Fringe Festival office on North Street where tickets can also be booked.

To have a brochure delivered to you or to book tickets, call the Fringe Festival Box Office: 01273 91 72 72.

By Marc Kis

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Sources: [1]

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