The Coal Shed Brighton

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If you didn’t know what you were looking for you would miss it. Tucked away off Brighton’s main strip there are no bright lights telling you the restaurant is here and that you should eat. Just one very cool, casual, stylish lit exterior that beckoned us in off the windy streets. With a warm, unassuming atmosphere and friendly staff it gives you that sense of meeting a long lost friend who has been hiding out in Brighton for the last 15 years.
Located two minutes from the lanes on Boyce’s street , The Coal Shed Brighton has a well known sister restaurant in London  and prides itself on having a locally sourced menu, serving high quality meat, chargrilled 
steak and seafood.
I, like many, go through my various diet fads: from vegetarian to pescatarian and I’ve even tried the vegan route but not tonight. Having whet our appetites with a pint of the black stuff in the Irish bar next door we arrived at the restaurant with steak on our minds. The friendly manager showed us to our table by the window and, after the formalities were over, he ran us through the different cuts of steaks and we both chose pretty quickly.
The steaks come exactly as you want, with a selection of hearty portioned sides. We went for the triple cooked chips, mash with burnt ends some greenery to dilute a bit of the guilt. You can’t get too excited about broccoli but It was cooked to perfection along with the chips. A special mention for the mash with burnt ends though. A perfect accompaniment to the meatTo wash the food down we had two carafes of wine and, although there were other choices, I think an Argentinian Malbec was the obvious one and it didn’t disappoint. Having sacrificed starters for dessert I went straight for the cheeseboard, an enticing assortment of four different cheeses with a lovely home made chilli/marmalade on the side. My companion went all out and chose the smoked lardy cake … just couldn’t fault that either.
This restaurant is a purist’s encounter with beef, and it is as uncomplicated as it is excellent. It is primarily a beef and steak restaurant but does have plenty of other meat-based options in particular the burgers and seafood are very good. All this is accompanied by the one of the best services I have had in quite some time. Anyway I can only give a huge thumbs up to this steakhouse, a must if you are a meat lover!
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