The Force Awakens at Irregular Choice

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Calling all Star Wars fans! Have you ever felt like you can’t accurately express your love for the franchise? Ever feel like the t-shirts, the bags, the Halloween costumes just aren’t enough? Well I have the answer, and it comes in the form of the greatest puns known to man. R2-DSHOE, SHOEBACCA, BOBA FEET. Yes, Star Wars themed shoes. Not just any Star Wars themed shoes, I should add, but Irregular Choice, Star Wars themed shoes. Irregular Choice is the go-to store for all your quirky and quite frankly insane shoe requests, with many of their shoes looking more like works of art than wearable footwear. To celebrate the upcoming release of the new Star Wars film, Irregular Choice have launched a range of Star Wars footwear you definitely would not find anywhere else. Irregular Choice have a store in Brighton and they’re selling out quick so I would get down there straight away to invest in a pair of shoes where your feet look like they’re being held up by Yoda. Also, if you can think of anymore Star Wars shoe puns, please comment below.

all images belong to Irregular Choice

Holly Martin

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