The Key Design Trends to Consider for Your Home

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Creating or updating the look in your home can feel like a daunting task, but understanding some of the most important current trends helps to make it easier. So what are some of the ideas to bear in mind if you want to make some changes at home?

A Mixture of Patterns and Textures

As well as using patterns and textures in your wallpaper and general structure of your home, you may also want to think carefully about how you accessorise your space. Adding patterns and texture to your cushions, flooring, art work and so much more can enhance the interior style to a new level. You can find beautiful patterned rugs for sale online and a whole host of different soft furnishings to bring a whole new angle to your home. There will always be new design trends to stay on top of, but patterns and unique textures will never go out of style.

The idea of forgetting about rules and simply mixing and matching colours has taken hold in the last few years. This is a way of getting a unique, exciting look that can be bright and bold or more under-stated. One approach is to use different materials such as steel, wood and brick, while you could also choose to concentrate on the colours and patterns.

For people carrying out DIY jobs, getting materials that are easy to use makes the task of mixing and matching a lot easier. If we look at the example of adding a bold wallpaper design to the wall, using a firm adhesive makes applying it to the walls a lot easier, and will keep the paper firmly in place for years. Look for an all-purpose, extra strong wallpaper adhesive for any job of this type.

Vintage Tile Designs

Choosing tiles for your home might seem simple but the truth is that there are many different designs to choose from. While plain-coloured tiles remain a popular choice, the market for reclaimed, vintage or heritage tiles has grown. They’re often produced in timeless styles and using high-quality materials.
Fitting your own tiles isn’t a particularly difficult DIY job but you need to get the right materials and tools for it, such as a tile cutter, a trowel, mortar and tile spacers. Fitting vintage tiles can be a good start for setting the tone in a bathroom or kitchen and making it easier for you to decide what comes next.

Home Libraries

One of the most interesting trends in the last year or so has been the resurgence of home libraries. The question of whether physical books are dying has been something we’ve asked for a few years now, as digital forms of entertainment have grown in popularity. Yet, research issued by Publishers Weekly shows a modest but steady increase in book sales for every year since 2013 .

This has led to more people adding home libraries to their houses, while studies have also indicated that growing up with books in the home may help children to achieve greater literacy levels, so it’s no surprise to see that many people opt to do this for the benefit of their families. Home libraries can be incorporated in many different ways, and it makes sense to leave space

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Maximalist Style

Minimalism hasn’t gone away, but what we’ve also seen lately is the rise of maximalism as a sort of reaction to it. While minimalism strips everything back to the basics, the maximalist approach goes for excess and complexity, which can mean using rich floral patterns, over-the-top fabrics or several different layers of colour or texture. 

How can you add the maximalism trend to your home?  The first step is to consider your personal taste, as this style is all about creating a look that you love rather than trying to follow any sort of rules. A generous use of colour is needed, with different ones battling against one another. You can add artwork, books, rugs and other elements to provide a comfortable, personalised space.

All of these trends are excellent ways of adding life to any home, so it’s simply a question of considering which of them suits you best and then going with it.


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