The Lingerie Brand Like No Other

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Our favourite thing about fashion is how inclusive it’s becoming. Those are the stories that are worth telling and worth sharing with our readers. So this is an amazing story that will get you through this slightly drizzly Monday afternoon.

Just Babes Club is a lingerie brand who are very unlike the lingerie brands we know and sometimes love. Unlike traditional lingerie brands, Just Babes Club hires all their models for their unique characteristics, not because of their size. Bianca Cornale, the brand manager for Just Babes Club, told Daily Mail Australia “As a brand we seek to represent all babes and have our audiences see themselves reflected in the models that we shoot. We tend to pick models for their gorgeous personalities, talents and accomplishments, and for the most part they are friends or babes who are doing amazing work in the local creative scene, we are lucky enough to have an amazing pool of hotties to draw from.” Their babes include burlesque dancer and makeup artist Zeila Rose, musicians Grace Anderson and Georgia Greenway, DJ Charlotte Webb and artists Frances Cannon and Lizzi Morris. The actual products themselves are just as amazing as the brand, and they ship internationally. Yay. You can browse the products here.


Holly Martin

[email protected]

feature image: Ana Paul Viana via the Creative Commons license


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